Is This the Social Media Revolution?

The future of social media is bright and shining. As the digital world continues to expand and become incorporated into almost every aspect of our daily lives, the utilization of social media rides on its coattails by connecting everyone, anywhere, across the globe. At first, the earliest forms of social media, such as blogging, was seen as some form of nonsense static disrupting real news. Now, social media has morphed into a powerhouse of insightful news and information being shared at real time. Social media has altered the function of people that were merely the audience into an actively participating body that collectively shares information.Not only has the views on social media changed, but the uses of it have changed as well. Considering the fast rate of development social media has undergone thus far, the trajectory of social media within the next decade may be the predominant factor solely shaping journalism as we see it today.

Social media, in fact, will influence how the news will be generated, viewed, and shared to its audience. This is because, for starters, the way we see journalism has evolved with the digital advancements of our time.  Due to this change, journalists must find ways to incorporate social media and use digital outlets just to keep up. Although social media is an incredible resource to engage the public, it can also be seen as a curse to journalists whose jobs are now in danger. That’s why an article from stresses other journalists to use social media as a tool, from outlets like Facebook and Twitter, to find stories and gather information in order to elaborate and share them further. The rise of social media has turned journalism into a form of a team effort to spread the news both digitally and traditionally.

Since social media has already opened the doors to the public reporting the news, the future of social media will take another step forward and become increasingly mobile and personalized for each individual. Reports from the Inquiries Journal have discussed that social media would be so heavily engrossed in journalism that journalists would not be required to be associated with a major news organization for a long period of time. Social media would make it so that reporters could be self-sufficient and broadcast news solely by themselves. In a few years, I can see social media connecting my personal life with relevant news and work-related aspects all in one, more heavily than it already is now. At this point, there is no doubt in my mind that social media will sky rocket into one of the biggest forces within the journalism realm.


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