Collaboration in Journalism

Collaborative journalism is described as a situation in which different news media outlets, both amateur and professional, without any type of affiliation with each other contribute to an ongoing news headline or report. This allows more facts and information to be shared for the particular news report. Collaborative journalism not only informs the audience more thoroughly, but it also a good practice for journalists. Utilizing collaborative journalism allows for more resources to be shared among reporters, which in turn optimizes the effectiveness of the vast amount of information being shared. This saves news outlets economically within an already shrinking journalistic realm.

When dealing with the public on social media, it is important to respond as fast as humanly possible, whether the comments are good or bad. Negative comments are to be seen as constructive and a suggestion to improve the business. Since social media is an outlet to create a relationship between the business and its customers, feedback on their ideas are essential at building that relationship. It is best not to delete posts unless a customer is harassing the company. This should be reported and an explanation should be given to the public as to why the deletion occurred.


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