Presidential Transition From SHU to DePaul

Brandon Cintron & Bianca Carasus campaign statement: On June 30, 2017, Dr. Esteban will step down as the President of Seton Hall University to become President at DePaul University on July 1, 2017. In order to ensure a smooth transition for students, prospective students, faculty, and the South Orange community, Seton Hall will try their… Continue reading Presidential Transition From SHU to DePaul

Dr. Esteban’s Departure & the #SHUTransition

The announcement of Dr. Esteban’s appointment as the new president of DePaul University had come as an utter shock to the Seton Hall University community. Since the news arrived, many people have been buzzing about the process around his departure and how SHU would move forward. In our live chat about the #SHUTransition, many interesting… Continue reading Dr. Esteban’s Departure & the #SHUTransition

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Dr. Esteban Enhances Seton Hall University Through Blogging

Dr. Esteban, I understand that Seton Hall University is struggling to rise through the ranks and stand out as one of the top universities credible enough to provide information for academia. In a year’s time, I see Seton Hall achieving this, but with the help of a few improvements on your brand. Our firm sees… Continue reading Dr. Esteban Enhances Seton Hall University Through Blogging