Dr. Esteban Enhances Seton Hall University Through Blogging

Dr. Esteban,

I understand that Seton Hall University is struggling to rise through the ranks and stand out as one of the top universities credible enough to provide information for academia. In a year’s time, I see Seton Hall achieving this, but with the help of a few improvements on your brand. Our firm sees your vision, and we’re here to make it happen. In order to do so, however, those improvements that I’ve mentioned need to be implemented. To start, we want you to create a blog and post opinion pieces on current issues and events geared towards students and fellow scholars between the ages of 21 to 69.

These are just examples of a couple universities that have already utilized blogging to their advantage:

Think of a blog as your own personal newspaper where you have control of publishing, writing, and designing the layout of your content. A blog is also a simple form of communication that’s another way to publish your content. Once your blog is up and running we want you to do 3 things:

  1. Blogs are fast- paced, so frequently update your blog with content around current issues or events. These posts will be displayed in reverse chronological order automatically, so that the most recent post is on the top of the page for your readers to see.
  2. Make sure to add a title for each post! A blog entry includes the title and the body below it. We encourage you to include links to other pieces that are relevant to the post, even videos and images to really catch your readers’ attention.
  3. Enable your comments section for each post! This is the most important aspect of your blog because blogs are meant to be interactive. By doing so, it allows feedback from your readers about what you post. This type of two-way communication gives you some insight on what your readers think about your content, ways you could improve, and ultimately build trust with your audience due to the constant communication.

Here‘s a quick “How To” video on how to start a blog if you need visuals!

By starting a blog and actively updating it, you are essentially “killing two birds with one stone,” if not more. First and foremost, a blog is an excellent public relations tool. SEO Chat reports that creating a blog creates fast and unfiltered information to its viewers, update by update. This creates trust between the blogger and his audience, and even puts a human face on blog’s message due to the blog’s personal voice. Therefore, if you implement blogging, Seton Hall would build its credibility with the blog’s audience and put a spotlight on you, Dr. Esteban, a real scholar at Seton Hall. Seton Hall University would slowly be seen as a credible source for scholarly information, not just an institution.

Creating this blog will also build your personal brand as well, Dr. Esteban. In these days of constant social media and Google search engine use, anyone can look you up on the internet! This blog will enhance your image, establish your reputation, and promote the best aspects of your brand online. Sarah Green, a blogger herself, suggests a few more strategies to help build your personal brand.

I really hope you consider blogging, Dr. Esteban. In today’s world, everyone is online. It’s  Seton Hall’s best bet in order to gain momentum in the world of academia.


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