Dr. Esteban’s Departure & the #SHUTransition

The announcement of Dr. Esteban’s appointment as the new president of DePaul University had come as an utter shock to the Seton Hall University community. Since the news arrived, many people have been buzzing about the process around his departure and how SHU would move forward. In our live chat about the #SHUTransition, many interesting points were brought up on how SHU PR could have taken control of the narrative and efficiently communicated with the public. Whether or not Seton Hall succeeded in appropriately informing the SHU community, it was insightful to see the different suggestions and viewpoints from fellow students in my class about the way Seton Hall could have handled the situation. Twitter definitely aided in terms of accessibility about such a specific discussion that would otherwise be done in a planned meeting in person without it.The fact that live chats could be done at any time allows for greater expansion of the discussion itself, without the hassle. #SHUTransition is a prime example of how Twitter aids in sharing all types of information in real time.

The discussion of the #SHUTransition itself was quite informative. Although I had missed the deadline on when to send my tweets, I was still able to add to the conversation on the future of Seton Hall. The initial announcement about the departure of Dr. Esteban was sent via email from Seton Hall. The email addressed Dr. Esteban move to DePaul University and his accomplishments, but it was very vague about the future leadership of Seton Hall itself. When comparing the coverage between DePaul University and Seton Hall University’s transition announcements, it seemed as though DePaul was more prepared in giving information to the public than Seton Hall. DePaul had even released an interview video with Dr. Esteban, with little to show from the Seton Hall camp. I had agreed with fellow classmate, Jessie Stivers, that Seton Hall should at least give more information from Dr. Esteban personally.  From a social media standpoint, SHU should continue to respond to tweets about the transition process, and even post regular updates on any upcoming news so that SHU could seem more open to the public. A hashtag like #AskDrEsteban, suggested by Brittany Neal, would be an excellent way to be open and personal to the SHU community. During this time of transition, it would be wise for Seton Hall to hear out these suggestions to reassure the SHU community of the ongoing strength of the institution.


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