Presidential Transition From SHU to DePaul

  • Brandon Cintron & Bianca Carasus
  • campaign statement: On June 30, 2017, Dr. Esteban will step down as the President of Seton Hall University to become President at DePaul University on July 1, 2017. In order to ensure a smooth transition for students, prospective students, faculty, and the South Orange community, Seton Hall will try their best to communicate effectively to support this change in leadership. Our goal is to make sure that students will feel secure and comfortable with the new direction that the university is taking. For prospective students, we would like to highlight the benefits of this new transfer of leadership. Faculty members would be essential in assisting those who are struggling with the transition. Finally, to the community of South Orange, we would like to maintain a strong connection between the institution and its neighbors.
  • Tweet 1 announcement to students: To all Pirates, the university is saddened to announce the departure of Dr. Esteban as President of Seton Hall. He will be missed.
  • Tweet 2 announcement to prospective students: To prospective students, we would like to announce that Seton Hall will be taking on new leadership due to the resignation of Dr. Esteban.
  • FB post to faculty: Attention all faculty: President Esteban will step down as President and a new president will be determined and announced as soon as possible. We ask the faculty to assist students with any questions or problems they may have with this transition.
  • FB post to South Orange community: Seton Hall University is saddened to announce to the community of South Orange that Dr. Esteban, the university President, will step down on June 30, 2017. Although new leadership of the institution will soon take over, we will still continue to maintain close relations with our surrounding community.
  • Blog post 1 to faculty:
    • author: Chairman of the Board of Regents
    • title: New Leadership Coming to Seton Hall University
    • theme: assisting student needs, updates on new president
  • Blog post 2 to prospective students:
    • author: Dr. Esteban
    • title: The Future of Seton Hall
    • theme: Even though he’s leaving, he left really good things for the student body. There are things to look forward to, such as: new medical school, new welcome center, and other additions.
  • live tweets
    1. In 5 minutes, DePaul University will be announcing its 12th president live. Stay tuned!
    2. Watch now: William Bennet conducts an interview with Dr. Gabriel Esteban as the President-elect of DePaul University #Esteban12
    3. Dr. Esteban emphasizes collaboration between the University community in order to “pull in one direction” #Esteban12
    4. Although Dr. Esteban is leaving SHU, he still highlights how the creation of a new medical school is a result of the collaboration between Seton Hall and its community. #Esteban12
    5. Dr. Esteban has made it clear that he is capable of leading DePaul University into the right direction while still maintaining the joy in attending the university #Esteban12
  • potential issues
    • When will we know who the next president is?
      • A search for the next president of Seton Hall will commence at some point in the near future. Details are not finalized.
    • Why is he leaving?
      • At this time, there is no single reason why Dr. Esteban has chosen to leave. We wish him well, regardless. We can confirm that Seton Hall’s relationship with Dr. Esteban is still strong.
    • How will this effect tuition prices?
      • At this time, it is unclear what new changes will take place. We will post updates as soon as we have more information.
    • Why was commencement changed if he’s leaving anyways?
      • Dr. Esteban’s term does not end until June 30, 2017. Therefore he still has commencement responsibilities to attend to.
    • Can students vote on the next president?
      • It is the Board of Regents’ position to choose the next president. Faculty will work closely with the board to help decide on the best candidate. At this time, students are only encouraged to stay updated on this progress.
    • virtual event
      • title: Live Q&A with Dr. Esteban
      • platform Twitter
      • #EstebanQ&A



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