Filipino League At Seton Hall (FLASH) To Celebrate Annual Barrio 2017 Performance on April 28

Client Contact Information: Calvin Orallo // 626 378-9772 //

Overview: In exactly one month from today, Filipino League At Seton Hall (FLASH) will host their annual Barrio performance on Friday, April 28. Unknown to most, Barrio is a chance for FLASH to showcase the Filipino culture and talent to the Seton Hall University community. Like past performances, this year’s Barrio will take to precedent and present a Disney themed event with a slight twist of Filipino influences. Therefore, in light of current pop culture releases, Barrio 2017 will feature the charming story of Beauty and the Beast with a touch of Filipino culture embedded into it.

Overall, the full details of Barrio 2017 has not been released to the public. This news would be exclusive in terms of  the performance’s official information. For instance, the Beauty and the Beast theme has been kept in the dark, although it has been anticipated by many who know FLASH’s annual Barrio event is coming closer. Rehearsals for Barrio are still ongoing but are kept closed for cast and crew members only to build more anticipation for the event, and thus generate a larger audience. In order to entice more people to attend Barrio 2017, here is never before seen footage of current production of Beauty and the Beast:


The character of Belle, adapted to the name Rosabelle for a more Filipino essence, will be played by no other than senior Lauren Gramatica. Beast will be played by senior Daniel Javier. Names of the rest of the cast members will be announced as the set date for Barrio 2017 comes closer.

Barrio 2017 will be held in the Jubilee Auditorium at 7pm. Following the performance, a reception will be held in the University Center filled with various food and drinks that showcase true Filipino cuisine. Tickets and pricing will be released 2 weeks prior to the event date.

Core Facts:

  • Barrio 2017 will be held in the Jubilee Auditorium at 7pm on Friday, April 28
  • Theme of Barrio 2017 is Beauty and the Beast
  • Official information of Barrio 2017 have not yet been released to the public
  • Tickets and pricing will be released 2 weeks prior to event date
  • Reception will follow performance, food and drink included in ticket cost


“We are one month away from our big performance. Can’t explain how excited I am for Barrio!”     –Frederick ‘Rickboy’ Abadilla

“I love this theme! This is my favorite Disney movie.”       –Catherine Bogi



The Filipino League at Seton Hall (FLASH) is a minority student organization whose main objective is to educate the Seton Hall University community about Filipino culture. Established in 1990, FLASH sponsors, participates, and performs in many Filipino, Asian, and multi-cultural events throughout the New York and New Jersey area. FLASH tries to bring attention to the current issues facing the Filipino community and give a better understanding of Filipino roots.


*This release is solely for class and is not intended as the official release of this year’s Barrio.


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